A Cautionary Tale with a Twist…and a Rant!

RantNext time you are thinking of buying software with any sort of limited use license check the terms and conditions very carefully. I don’t want you to get caught as I did.

A while back I was offered a beta version of Easy Quick Member from the Profits Theme stable. As it was beta the price looked good and I purchased a one site licence. I uploaded it and got it working – eventually.  Whilst it is definitely easier than some I looked at it is not quite as easy as they would have you believe.

My objective and reason for purchase was to protect the three download areas or levels, of a product I was promoting and selling.

Move forward about six months. For a number of reasons,  I made the decision to take the product down with the intention of re-writing portions of it. Naturally that affects the squeeze, sales and delivery pages etc. It is now something in the to-do-one-day-maybe tray.

That done, I de-activated, deleted and un-installed the plugin. My idea being to reinstall it on another site in order to protect another product download area.

So much for that idea. Couldn’t move the license key so I queried this with the support help desk. Here’s the reply, verbatim

Once you’ve installed EQM on a wordpress installation, you can’t “uninstall” it and then try to install it on another wordpress installation.

We do this to prevent abuse. If not, people can just install it on a wordpress installation, sell products using EQM, get members, close the product for sale, and then “uninstall it” and use EQM on another wordpress installation. That would count as multiple installs.

It seems that a one-site-license is not a ‘one site at a time’ license, it is a ‘one site /URL for life’ license!

That is a load of bollocks.

Sod them. Rather buy Optimizepress. You can ‘clear’ the license key and the program and transfer it to another site anytime you like without infringing any terms.

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