Why I can’t recommend GetResponse

GetResponse has always been one of the two top contenders as the Auto Responder of choice for the masses of Internet Marketers. The other, of course, being Aweber. And at this level there were few real competitors. The likes of Infusionsoft cost more and is designed for a different market.

I moved away from GetResponse because I wanted to try Market Automation which GetRespone did not have at that time.
Credit where it is due, they have upped their Marketing Automation and it looks good.
I moved back. An herein lies my problem.

I set up three marketing campaigns being two new product launches and one a separate promotion.
These were normal marketing efforts, clean and above board.
There was definitely no spamming or anything even remotely resembling it involved.

Unfortunately, it seem some people, too many people, ‘subscribed ‘ with a false email.
That causes what is termed a ‘hard bounce’.
And there was a couple of complaints – ,76%!
C’mon Guys, you can’t please all the people all the time!

However, they have rules dictated by the computer.
A bit like your credit rating!
If your hard bounce rate or your complaint rate goes over the percentage laid down by their algorithm they will shut you down.
No fair warning, no real indication of the problem and certainly no questions.
They will send you a seemingly nice notice telling you that the account is ‘under revue for suspicious activity’ and requesting an ID photo of some sort.
As soon comply with that request they shut you down. Wham!
No more communication. You’re out in the cold.

You have absolutely no recourse, no right of appeal, nothing.
Your actions may have been completely above board and in good faith.
It means nothing as the algorithm has spoken and the algorithm is law.
That’s policy and they are totally unbending.

This is in stark contrast to some of the other extremely reputable companies who will politely advise you that maybe you should use another service but they allow you access and time, to download all your lists, emails and workflows etc.
GR will just send you a zip file.

This is not an isolated incidence.
Exactly the same thing happened to a good colleague under very similar circumstances.

Hence I can no longer recommend them.
I have posted this as a cautionary note to anyone using or thinking of using GetResponse.
It’s not what you do, it’s what some of your subscribers might do. And you very little control over that.
Please don’t think it can’t happen to you, clearly it can no matter how ‘white hat’ your activities are.

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