Could you eat a frog…

No neither could I. Not in the literal sense anyway.

But I’m not referring to the literal sense, rather the literary sense. (Forgive the pun!)
Mark Twain wrote the now well known quote: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

And in that sense ‘eating a frog first thing in the morning’ is the best way to overcome the self-sabotaging feelings like – ‘I don’t know where to begin’ and ‘maybe I’ll put of off until a better time’. All of which usually result in a state of inertia and nothing gets done. Nothing important anyways. Otherwise known as procrastination.

To put that another way – tackle the big, daunting tasks first and the rest will be a walk in the park.

Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog…” tells you how to do that. But not only dose he tell you how and / or what to do, he manages to make it sound not just simple but easy – which of course it is – and the result is highly motivating.

If you sometimes find it hard to get going, not sure what to do next then this will give you the kick start you need.

I have an earlier edition. The pages are well worn and practically ever page has some pencil under-linings. Whenever I dip into it, which is pretty much every time I get ‘stuck’, I find a simple and motivating reminder to put my butt back in the chair and get going.

It may be a little book but it is very big on practical content without any fluff, padding or unnecessary academic stuff. I highly recommend it. Get it here: Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

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