About Page

The Who the What and the Why?

I spent many years in Media, Advertising and Marketing and coincidently developed an interest in computers at the outset. There was just something about the technology that ticked my boxes.

My first computer lesson was on an original IBM when the operating system had to be loaded every time off a ‘floppy’ disc, courtesy of a young Bill Gates. My first computer was an XT which I soon upgraded to an AT with a whopping 20MB Hard Drive. That was a monster!

Before the Internet, as we know it today, we used to access things called ‘Bulletin Boards’. One accumulated points by uploading useful stuff. With accumulated points we could download more stuff that we didn’t already have.

The trend of downloading and storing stuff, that gathers virtual dust, has been around since long before the internet proper.

Bill Gates grew Microsoft. DOS became Windows. And then along came Google. The rest, as they say, is history.

Putting all that together, for me to be doing something in Internet Marketing is a natural. It is not work, as I enjoy it. It is not just about making money, although that is a massive bonus! It is very largely the achievement of finding out and then helping others. Yes I do have other on-line real estate, mainly allied to the Health and Personal Development markets. Offline I have counselled and coached. (I am a certified NLP practitioner).

IM Chatter is long overdue. Put that down to my PhD in procrastination!

My aim is to help you grow your Internet business by providing useful information. As much as I can manage will be free stuff. When it has a price tag it will be because I haven’t sourced a similar free version. When I do promote something, and I will, rest assured that I will know something about the product and / or the author.

Along the way there will, hopefully, be some educational stuff, some entertaining stuff, the odd rant and some, well – let’s just say ‘stuff’!

Learn, do and enjoy!


Strive to make a difference.