Overcoming Overwhelm Overnight

Now that we’ve gotten over that totally over-the-top… Okay, moving on.

There are three things that continue to affect all internet marketers, from newbie to experienced, at some time or another. There may be more, but the three that come to mind immediately are Overwhelm, Bright Shiny Objects, known as BSO’s and Learning vs Doing.

Of these Overwhelm is probable the most common and most consistent. If only because there is so much going on, you are bombarded with reviews, opinions and recommendation for the next BSO that is going to make you a fortune and there is so much to learn about a system or new software or just everything!

Feeling Overwhelmed yet?

Here’s a simple, 5 and a bit steps, solution

  • Stop what you are doing (after you’ve read this!) and take a short break. Clear your mind.
  • When you are back, on big sheet of paper, list everything that’s on your mind. I mean everything, not just the Internet Marketing stuff. Important stuff, urgent stuff, trivial stuff, would like to do stuff, list it all.
  • Now get some highlighters and color code everything on the list. For example Day job if you still have one, Internet Marketing, Family commitments, Medical Appointments, Financial stuff / Tax etc.

Look at your list. In the context of this Blog I am assuming that your goal, loosely, is to build an IM business and make money.

  • Select the three or four things that are most likely to move your business forward and / or generate income. If you are finding that difficult ask yourself, ‘What is the most important / productive thing that I can do right now’?

Basic rule of thumb: Income generating activity outranks all else. Important usually outranks urgent. Learning is not Doing.

When you’ve asked and answered the question three or four times move those items onto a new list. You can now add one or two ‘Urgent’, as in deadline type urgent, items to the list but no more. This is your Action List. Put the big list to one side.

  • Work the Action List and only the Action List.

If you think of something else that needs doing just add it to the big list. When you are done with the Action List go back to the big list, cross off, rinse and repeat.

Pushed for time, anytime? Ask yourself one simple question, ‘What can I do in the next twenty minutes that will move my business forward?’ Answer it and act on it.

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