AM101 – Benefits of Being an Affiliate

There are many benefits to becoming an Affiliate especially when you are just venturing into the potentially lucrative world of Internet Marketing.

Start-up costs are very low – and you’ve already covered a lot of them. If you are reading this then you have a computer and access to the Internet.

Because your investment of both time and money is minimal it is regarded as a very low risk business. If something isn’t working you can drop it without being left with a basement or worse still, a warehouse full of stock.

No products to create. Creating information products can be very lucrative but it is time consuming and there are costs involved. But that is a whole other training. Let somebody else do that slog whilst you learn to promote for next to nothing.

No inventory to purchase or store. If you wanted to set up a business selling products online you’d have to buy, store and then ship the products.  As an affiliate you have none of those problems or costs.

No sales copy to write or promotional material to write. It is normally provided for you. And there is another benefit.

For as long as you are prepared to do the work there is no real limit to the income you may earn

You can promote almost anything online, be it information or physical. As there are thousands of affiliate programs it should prove very easy find products related to your interest.

You can work from the comfort of your own home and office.

Better still – ‘have notepad / laptop can travel’. You can be free to travel wherever you like and spend a couple of hours a day in a good coffee shop or mall with Wi-Fi and still be running your business.

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