Building Your Business – Forty Minutes at a Time

40 Minutes at a timeMost of us have a tendency to overestimate what we can get done in the short term and under estimate what we can get done in the long term.

Many of us will also put off starting a project that we think it is going to take forever to complete. That in itself becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If we don’t start it never will get finished!

Getting past both hurdles is actually simple.

Make Time

Reschedule your day and find a time when you can best dedicate an uninterrupted forty minutes to a project. If you cannot do that then stop here, because you are never going to build a business. Forty minutes may not seem much especially when the task seems monumental. But if you don’t start you will never finish.

Truth is, you can actually achieve quite a lot in forty minutes and the forty minute bites soon begin to add up. That happens no matter how small the achievements are at first. As and when that happens, you will see and feel a sense of progress that comes with having achieved something as opposed to nothing. This should motivate you to keep on keeping on.

Make it Productive

Step one is to chunk the big tasks down to smaller activities. List the smaller chunks into some sort of order of priorities. Tackle each task in turn, focusing on that task only not the big scary picture that causes you to put off starting.

Plan ahead so you know exactly what you are going to do in your allotted forty minutes. Turn off all distractions like email, Face Book etc. Set the timer, stop thinking and start doing.

When the time is up, congratulate yourself. If what you set out to do is incomplete that’s okay. You are forty minutes closer to your goal than you were before you started. Plan to finish it in your next forty minute slot.

Does it really work?

Of course it does. Maybe the universe started in an instant with a big bang, (the jury is still out on that), but everything else happened over time. Building this web site didn’t happen in an instant. The steps were planned. Okay, I strung two forty minute slots together to load all the plug-ins and set up the theme etc., but this article was my forty minute project for this morning and it’s now done – with time to spare!

Try it – you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can complete projects and build your business, a magical forty minutes at a time.

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