If Internet Marketing is so easy - Why aren't you making money or living the lifestyle?

Wouldn't you like to overcome the obstacles and frustrations so that you too can be Making Money Online and Living  the Lifestyle?

Tired of all the Frustrations and the Stress?
Tired of Getting Nowhere?

  • You buy Bright Shiny Objects but none of them seem to work as promised. We have a fix for that.
  • Overwhelmed, Overloaded not sure what do do next? A common problem and easily fixed. 
  • Procrastination afflicts every Internet Marketer from time to time and for a number of reasons. We have fixes for each of them.
  •  Stress is going to get to you as well, every so often. We have a quick fix for that.

Hi, I'm Chris. And I want you to know that I've been there too, got the cap and the 'T' shirt!

But this is you, isn't it... 
Frustrated, stressed, distracted, getting desperate maybe? And wondering if you'll ever make it.

You've been on line trying to make money for many months maybe even years.
You've made a couple of dollars here and there but nothing sustainable. 

You buy courses , cheat sheets, software, more courses, push button solutions.
You subscribe to training.
You hit a snag, something you can't understand.
Or maybe you think it's not worth spending any more money on.
Or maybe it's taking too long.
Or maybe the promise in that last email sounds too good to ignore.
You move onto the next, latest and greatest solution. 

​And all the while the money is going out on hosting, domain names, auto responders, essential software, PLR subscriptions, and more and more promises.

​Your frustration builds.

​Your family and friends think you are nuts and that you are wasting time and money.

​But, "Look", you say, "so many other people have made it."

​You get even more frustrated and stressed.
You begin to question yourself.  
Why can't I crack it and be one of the successful ones?

Because you are going about it all wrong - that's why!​

How do I know all this. Because it is something that afflicts 99% of 'wannabe' IM entrepreneurs. And because I've been exactly where you are now. I have got many gigabytes of products of all description, some of which I've purchased twice and some I haven't even opened. I tell you this - embarrassing though it is to admit - so you'll know that I understand and I empathize. I've been where you are now.

What if there was a way to put all those frustrations behind you? Well there is.

And I'll get to it in just a minute...

But first, you know you have learnt a lot of very useful stuff. You know a lot more that when you started. And you certainly know a lot more than your family and friends!​

Then why aren't you making money and living the lifestyle.
After all, you put in the hours, you work hard, you're not lazy.
You are certainly trying, struggling in fact. But...

Life wasn't meant to be a struggle. And it doesn't have to be if you adopt the right Mindset.

Mindset? You're positive. You keep at it, ever hopeful. You think your mind it right, (unlike your family and friends!).  Then what is it you are just not getting.?

It is no more than a slightly different Mindset. And it is the big difference between not having the money and the lifestyle and having the money and the lifestyle

Imagine what your life would be like if...

  • you felt productive instead of frustrated all the time - think how much more you would achieve
  • you were fully in control instead of overwhelmed and confused - you would feel truly empowered 
  • you felt motivated instead of tired all the time -  you would be looking for opportunities to drive your business forward
  • instead of not knowing what best to do next, you had a plan of action that you knew would work -  you would be itching to put it into action

Now imagine what your life will be like when you've cracked it...

You wake up at a time to suit yourself because you are now a free spirited entrepreneur.
You wake refreshed and feeling years younger. No 'job' to go to.
You quickly check your stats.
Yep. Sales made overnight whilst you were asleep.

You are feeling energized.
You make yourself a cup of coffee, grab a glass of water as well, and hit the keyboard.

You know exactly what you have to do and in an hour it is done.
(Not like the old days when you would struggle for hours at a time).
Still feeling invigorated, you move on to the next project.
Or maybe you take some time out - it's up to you.
And you are free to make that choice.            

...you are making money, enjoying the life style and your family and friends are in awe

They are in awe as you now go about your day seemingly with a new lease on life as a whole different person. 

You can allow yourself to feel a little pleased with yourself.
You did it. You proved you could and you proved them wrong.    

But all that will only be possible with the right Mindset
A Mindset that is a shift from your existing mindset.
And how do you achieve that shift?
There is only one way - Mindset Hacks!

Hack it 'till You Crack it!

Mindset Hacks


Mindset is the most common attribute amongst successful people and single biggest determinant of success in   Internet Marketing. Now you can learn how to adopt the same mindset of every successful Internet Marketer

  1. Success is pretty much assured when you follow a proven system and stop jumping around.
  2. Benefit from the experience of those who've been where you are now and you too can get to  Live the Life Style. 
  3. Becoming Efficient, Effective and Productive will be a very welcome change.
  4. What works for successful Internet Marketer will enable you to Fast Track Your Success

Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers*
Hack it 'till you Crack it!

A little over thirty pages of Hacks that will enable you to overcome all the most common frustrations and mental blocks. Hacks that have enabled every successful Internet Marketer and now you, to become productive and efficient, to make more money and enjoy the Life Style.                   

 The information in Section 4 and the Hacks in Section 5 alone will give you back many productive hours - worth ten times the price!

*Includes an Introduction by the renowned John Mulry, award winning Dan Kennedy trained Marketing Consultant and Top Selling Author! 

Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers

Chris Betts
Creator of:
'Mindset Hack for Internet Marketers'

About the Author

I struggled, just as you probably are now, until my business coach suggested I change my Mindset. A tad bit irritated and confused by that, (I'm already a positive person), I did eventually realize what he was getting at. 

I set out to model the mindset of successful Internet Marketers. I pulled together, sorted and discarded hacks until I had a collection of the simplest and easiest to use and turn into habits.

And here they are bundled​ together for you to use as well.

Is this really going to help you? 

Yes, if...

  • You want overcome overwhelm and not knowing what do do next
  • You want to kick the Bright Shiny Object syndrome and regain control
  • You want to know what's stopping you and overcome procrastination
  • You want to learn and grow your business
  • You want to earn more and enjoy the life style it affords you

No, if...

  • You are never overwhelmed and always know what to do. - Well, do you?
  • You never ever buy anything you don't use. - Really? Yeah right
  • You never procrastinate over anything. - Never? Wow, your good. 
  • You don't want to learn and grow your business. Your choice.
  • You are already earning enough and enjoying the life style. Congratulations!

Here's a peek at what you get when you get inside

The Hacks in Section 2 alone will save you many hours of hassle and frustration!

  • Section 1 - Explains 'Mindset' in practical terms, no woo-woo stuff here!
  • Section 2 - End the B S O syndrome once and for all with one or all three of these hacks
  • Section 3 - Two proven hacks to help you overcome overwhelm
  • Section 4 - Will help you identify where and why you procrastinate. - It may not be what you think
  • Sestion 5 - Simple hacks to get overcome your personal procrastination points
  • Section 6 - You think you can multi-task? This might surprise you. - Then hack it
  • Section 7 - Did you know the difference this can make? Seven simple hacks in this section.
  • Section 8 - Stress gets to us all at times. Here's a simple hacks to relieve it momentarily
Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find at least half a dozen useful hacks that you can use, in the next thirty days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. And please let me know what you are doing that is so much better! 

P.S.: Nothing more to read here. I suggest you scroll back up, hit one of the buttons and start hacking your way to greater earnings and a better life style. I can't do it all for you!

Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers

No I don't want to Hack it, I don't want to Crack it, I want to stay in my rut

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