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I thank you for putting your trust in me and my collection of
Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers 

  You are in good company...

Most entrepreneurs use or have used all of these hacks at some time or another until they become an habitual way of thinking. In other words, until their new Mindset becomes entrenched.  

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I know that the hacks I've collected and given you will prove to be a great start to getting your mindset right. I've used all of them myself. I still use them, and I will continue to use them until they are all habit. 

But before you head off  and start reading and hacking your way to more earnings, which you will, I have something special for you to consider so please give me a moment. And it will only take you a moment...

Stop Giving Yourself a Hard Time...

...And Allow Yourself to Become Successful!

Sound good? I'm sure it does! But How?

It's easy really. Now that you can hack your overwhelm and procrastination etc., it's time to look a little deeper into what may be holding you back. And then...

Stop Doing What's Stopping You Doing...

That could be a lot of things that you don't even realize. Why? Because we go through life just accepting certain things, with our mindset fixed about them and it takes somebody or something else to give us the wake up call.  

 ...And start doing what works!

Logical when you think about it! Why would you continue to live with a fixed mindset about stuff that doesn't work. The answer is because you don't know you are in that mindset and that you can change it, until it is pointed out to you. Let's have a look at some of the things you may not know about yourself, all things that you can learn to change. All things about which you can change your Mindset

The more you know about your entrenched mindset the easier it will be to change it

  • How do you see yourself? 
    Do you see yourself as successful? Probably you see yourself as the opposite, a failure, like many people simple because you haven't achieved compared to... Bad Mindset
  • Are you still living by your parent's maxims?
    Think back and list some of them, about money, about work and a whole lot more. Dig deep, you'll find some stuff there that you've just accepted. And those fixed mindsets are holding you back. 
  • What were you not good at through school and college?
    Contrary to the education system we do not all develop skills and abilities at the same rate. If you still have an 'I can't do that' mindset about something that goes back many years maybe it's time to re-assess. You might surprise yourself! 

Here's your chance to -  
Change All That

Because I've been where you are now and because I listened to many other people struggling, I set out to find solutions. What I found, among many other things, was this gem of an ebook. 

 'Stop Giving Yourself a Hard Time...
...And Allow Yourself to Become Successful!'

No pizzazz and no BS. Down to earth and practical ways to identify what may be stopping you and, more importantly, provide simple solutions. 

  • ​How do you treat yourself? Maybe you should start by learning to treat yourself better. 
  • How do you value your time. Maybe it's worth a lot more than you think
  • You might think you make decisions but what you'll discover here will surprise you
  • Do you really know what you want? Are you doing what you want or are you doing what others think you should be doing? Big difference.
  • What are your beliefs about money? You might need to did deep to unearth them but when you do you'll be amazed at the difference you can make
  • Who pays your bills? You'll be surprised at what can happen when you change you thinking

And a whole lot more. All practical way to identify old patterns, adopt a new ones and bring about a Mindset shift that will help you to afford the life style you want.

All This and More for...

Allow Yourself to Become Successful

Chris Betts
Creator of:
'Mindset Hacks for Internet Marketers'


Assuming you read the bit about me on the previous page you don't need it repeated! This isn't about me, it's a bit about the author of the ebook you are about to purchase, aren't you.

In a nutshell - a very successful and astute marketer, well respected and I dare say, envied by some. He tells it like it is, a turd is a turd and there is no clean end to pick it up by! It all adds up to sage advice from one very savvy marketer. That's an opportunity not to be missed.

Is this product right for you?

There's an easy way to find out - simply weigh up the Pros and Cons...

The Pros - It's Right for You if...

  • You think it is remotely possible that something could be holding you back
  • You are not yet living the life style you want 
  • Your have entrenched ideas that stem from your upbringing
  • You realize the possibility that change could bring about success

The Cons - It's Not for You if...

  • You know that nothing is holding you back - you are an absolute whiz kid
  • You are already living the life style and you want nothing more
  • You've dumped all the thinking that stems from your upbringing
  • You just don't believe you could possibly change for the better

...then just buy the damned book!

And there's a Bonus from me that builds nicely on pages 11 and 12!

Allow Yourself to Become Successful

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P.S. If you are still reading it's either because you like my writing or you are still wondering if you should buy. Which of course you should. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it has nothing to do with my writing! Then let me ask you this simple question. "Do you think it is possible that you could benefit from the experience and knowledge of a highly successful Internet Marketer?" Well...? Your choice - Buy and Benefit or stay as you are. 

Allow Yourself to Become Successful

No Thanks - I'll make do with the Hacks - I'm happy to battle on without all this priceless information.