To Do or Not To Do… Lists and Things

Several years back, like most people I guess, I migrated from printed, write in diaries to computerised versions. And it wasn’t just diaries. It was To Do lists, and Project Management and Work Flows and the list goes on.

Each one of those bits of software took time to install, learn and setup to work my way. Then along comes the upgrade…

Back to the Future
I’m now back to using a good old fashioned pencil and paper. Somehow in makes things a lot more real. And for most things it is a lot faster. Here’s how it works for me.

I have one of those A4, hard-cover Counter Books next to my keyboard or laptop. I write in it everything that would have gone into electronic lists and a whole lot more besides.

First off there is one massive To-Do list. When a job is done, crossing off of a written list is quicker and more satisfy!

I have a page for ideas. Think of something – just make a note of it. Switching programs, albeit briefly, to make an electronic note is intrusive and can interrupt your flow. Making a quick written note is less so.

Trying to map something out in a hurry? A quick scribble is all it takes. And that is much faster than opening up the mind mapping software.

Watching training videos or webinar replays you can make a note of any time and topic that you want to come back to later. If you don’t do this already, you should. It can make the learning curve very much easier.

Usernames, logins and passwords. Make a note of them when you are trying to register for something new. LastPass doesn’t always pick it up the first time around.

Setting something up or doing something for the first time. Make notes of the steps you take as you are doing it. It will help you remember plus you have something to refer to next time.

Software has its place but don’t let it take over. I do use mind mapping software for specific projects. I use Evernote and Stickies as well, occasionally.  But for most things the good old fashioned pencil and notebook is definitely best. Try it. You might be surprised.

Better still, as your note book fills up you could find you have the makings of an info product of some sort. That’s a bonus I’ll take.

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