Once Upon a Time…

Blank page… New Project…Where to begin?

Eating a hotdog is easy. You start at one end and eat towards the other. A burger is a little different. You can turn that around and around for ages, trying to decide where is the best place to take the first bite.

Once Upon a TimeMaybe that’s why so many children’s stories start with ‘Once upon a time…’ It is like one end of the hot dog. An easy place to start.

Whilst this may be a new blog I will spare you the ‘my IM journey’ posts. I believe that has been done to death. Besides, whilst this is my blog, I don’t want it to be about me. I want it to be more about you, about helping you wherever I can, to achieve your success.

That may be many things. It may be a small tip that I have found useful. A way of working that increases productivity. A useful piece of software. A review or product recommendation. Or just one of my experiences that might help.

It might just be me having a rant or writing about something, no matter how obscure, in the hope that you find it entertaining in some way. If I achieve that, and give you a light-hearted break for a few minutes whilst we share a story then I will have achieved what I am setting out to achieve.

You are the sole judge of that. Leave a comment or question. I will certainly read all of them and answer most when and where appropriate.

This is intended to be a family- safe blog.  Some of the rants and any of the more personal or risqué anecdotes I’ll save for my newsletter. You could sign up for that, why don’t you. Know that you will never miss a blog post and be assured of getting all the stuff that maybe doesn’t appear here.

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