AM101 – Affiliate Marketing Defined

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money on line, for any length of time, then you will certainly have heard the term Affiliate Marketing. Let’s start off with a simple definition. Affiliate Marketing is when you promote somebody else’s product and you get paid a commission for each sale. Commission based selling is […]

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There are probably as many bad hosting companies out there as there are good ones and a whole bunch of mediocre or just okay ones in the middle. Whilst it is a good idea to check out the reputation of your prospective hosting company and it is an important decision, it is probably not the […]

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Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

This is scary. Some *** * S O B, (expletives deleted, reluctantly, by me!) has been and is still, trying to hack my sites. Even now, as I am writing this! I have to assume it’s a Robot of some sort programmed to attack from a variety of IP addresses ranging from Italy, mid-Europe, Russia […]

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