Essential Plugins

A question I often get asked and one I ask other IMers is: ‘Which essential plugins do you use and why?’ There are many opinions and no absolute or definitive answers to that question. Here then is a list of the ones I use or have used recently. Some of these come with both a […]

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There are probably as many bad hosting companies out there as there are good ones and a whole bunch of mediocre or just okay ones in the middle. Whilst it is a good idea to check out the reputation of your prospective hosting company and it is an important decision, it is probably not the […]

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Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

This is scary. Some *** * S O B, (expletives deleted, reluctantly, by me!) has been and is still, trying to hack my sites. Even now, as I am writing this! I have to assume it’s a Robot of some sort programmed to attack from a variety of IP addresses ranging from Italy, mid-Europe, Russia […]

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